• Innovation cell phone fold over walletStyle

    World first 95% anti-radiation during phone calls with great communication quality. Prevent from fraudulent use from external sources. Combined with NFC function, metro card can pay directly without the hassle of taking the card out. With wireless charging, you can charge your cell phone anywhere and anytime.
  • X-Apron in styleStyle

    Elegant look with an anti-electromagnetic field soft metal sheet inside. Low-frequency electromagnetic wave refers to the electromagnetic field released by home electronics that could cause cancer in the long term.
  • Customize Wireless charging solutionstyle

    Wireless charging for TX-transmitter and RX-receiver modules both are Qi-compatible. Offer different thickness antennas and Wattages. According to customers’ application, our engineer will design the structures based on customer’s requirements.
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Protect your health+
Protect your next generation. +

Protect your next generation

image iphone 6+ 6 5: Care your life. +

iphone 6+ 6 5: Care your lifePerformance


RokSprocket: Ultimate Content Control

RokSprocket is a powerful content module, that allows you to deliver your content in multiple fashions from a single platform. RokSprocket has varying layout modes, such as Tabs and Mosaic, with mode specific options.

Using RokSprocket is incredible simple due to the custom, advanced interface, allowing you to customize each individual elements with ease.


Built-in Menu Systems

Fusion with MegaMenu is an advanced CSS dropdown menu with Mootools enhancements. Such features include mutli-column support, inline modules / positions, icons and subtext, configurable on a per menu item basis.

SplitMenu is a static alternative that places parent items in the header, and child items in the sidemenu, which is configurable in the template manager.


Integrated Extensions

An assortment of RocketTheme Extensions have integrated styling to visually match Ximenia. These include RokSprocket in its varying layout modes, including Mosaic, as well as RokAjaxSearch and RokGallery.

There is also styling for K2, a third party Content Control Kit extension from JoomlaWorks, as configurable via the Template Manager.

There are two methods of changing the Ximenia logo: either via the logo picker or by manual change and you can set Logo Picker to either RokGallery or the Media Manager.

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