This is the first report issued by government research department to prove that cell phone radiation may cause cancer:National Toxicology Program of U.S. has published an important research report to prove that there is a direct link between the cell phone radiation and cancer. In this NTP’s animal study, 2500 male rats were placed in specially built chambers that dosed their whole bodies with electromagnetic radiation, and the researchers found the rats have certain potential to develop brain and heart cancer; while other rats not exposed to radiations were not found any risk of cancer.

Microwave cooks the food by exposing it to microwave radiation for heating up the polar molecules in the food to boiling point, and that is why the food will dry out after it is microwaved. Therefore, using cell phone without radiation shielding, will not only cause the problems of headache, sleep disorder, and brain tumor, but also more likely to get older look due to the wrinkles caused by dehydrated facial skin. Moreover, it could even lead to serious damage to eye lens, such as cataract and glaucoma. Meanwhile also increase the risk of developing thyroid cancer, lymph node cancer, eye cancer、, leukemia, damage to reproductive system, Alzheimer's disease, learning and memory disorders, etc.

Electronic parts and components create low frequency electromagnetic fields, antenna generates high frequency electromagnetic fields

Simply close the flip cover while you are speaking a phone call over 2G, 3G, 4G, LINE/WeChat networks, Moxie anti-radiation cell phone wallet case can block out the electromagnetic radiation toward the brain emitted from the antenna on the front face of cell phone, but will not sacrifice the signal strength, cell phone reception quality will be the same as it should be.

Use Moxie’s X-Shell cell phone case while hotspot and Wi-Fi sharing: Using Hotspot and Wi-Fi sharing could comprehensively expose the users to similar high levels of radiation as Wi-Fi routers. Moxie X-Shell anti-radiation cell phone wallet case could effectively protect the users against large dose of electromagnetic radiation with flip cover closed while activating hotspot and Wi-Fi sharing.

Use Moxie X-Shell anti-radiation cell phone wallet case while chatting on LINE/WeChat messaging apps or web surfing: Large amount of electromagnetic radiation is required when using messaging apps for sending off the messages or opening the web pages. Close the flip cover of Moxie X-Shell cell phone wallet case as soon as you click the button to send off the message or open the web page, X-Shell can protect the users from exposure to cell phone’s electromagnetic radiation during signal transmission. Check if the message is successfully sent off or browse the web page, after the signal transmission is done in few seconds. There will be no more electromagnetic radiation after the signal transmission completes.

Cell phone emits electromagnetic radiation even during standby mode, use Moxie X-Shell anti-radiation cell phone wallet case for the best protection: Cell phone emits electromagnetic radiation every 20~30 seconds for keeping connection with base stations. Carrying cell phone in left chest pocket or trouser pocket by positioning the flap side of Moxie X-Shell anti-radiation cell phone wallet case towards body will protect heart or reproductive system from exposure to electromagnetic radiation.


To prevent cell phone electromagnetic radiation affecting sleep quality, use Moxie X-Shell anti-radiation cell phone wallet case with flip cover closed when sleeping: Confirmed by Building Biology Germany, electromagnetic radiation causes immediate stress to the body particularly when sleeping. In addition to keeping cell phone in a distance, blocking electromagnetic radiation by Moxie X-Shell anti-radiation cell phone wallet case with flip cover closed can optimize the sleep quality.